Volunteer and Scholarships Opportunities

Our goal is to make a high quality conference accessible to everyone interested in Python, to do that and to keep the conference affordable, we'd love to work with some dedicated volunteers, both to prepare for the conference and during the event.

Most that have volunteered would agree that there is a great feeling that come from bonding with like minded people and being in service. This year, in addition to receiving a conference T-shirt, we are organizing a speaker and crew reception that you'd be invited to attend as well. In return, we ask that you do your best to follow through with your commitments, adhere to the conference' code of conduct, and be friendly and helpful to all.

This page has info on how you can help, roles that are eligible for complimentary pass to PyBay, and if you just want to get a discounted ticket to PyBay, how to apply for Financial Aid (50% off individual pass) and Diversity & Inclusion Scholarships (complimentary ticket).

Apply to vote for talks or organize PyBay Apply for half or full scholarships to attend

Ways to help

Pre-conference - 10 complimentary passes are budgeted for people helping with:

  • voting for talks - NOT eligible for comp pass
  • marketing, blogging, beefing up our social presence
  • managing in-conference events such as Maker Happy Hour, Community Day, Lightning Talks and open spaces (must have experience running meetups or events)
  • managing at-conference volunteers (must have experience organizing teams / running events)
  • coaching speakers, publicizing, and managing speaker logistics (must have experience with project/people management and speaking at conferences)
  • coordinating logistics with sponsors, book publishers, exhibitors (must have good writing and customer service skills)
  • designing T-shirt, banners, program guides and signages (must have graphic design and illustrator skills, must be detail oriented)

These roles require relevant skills and time commitment in the weekends and/or evenings, we will set up a call to evaluate scope of work and fit. If you don't need a free ticket, we will allocate the budget to another volunteer, and 10% of your registration fee will be donated to our diversity scholarship funds.

Apply to vote for talks or help organize PyBay

Hello Diversity
At conference volunteer

At conference - helping in these capacity will increase your chances of receiving financial aid:

  • running newbie orientation (must have attended previous PyBay)
  • introducing speakers, hosting open spaces (must feel comfortable with MC roles)
  • preparing and distributing virtual swag bags, name tags, signage
  • photography (please show your portfolio)
  • check-ins, info desk, lost and found, take down, misc
Application available in May

Attend via D&I Scholarships


  • Main talk speakers needing assistance to attend
  • People from under-represented groups (e.g. gender, color, sexual orientation)
  • Contributors to open source/community who are experiencing financial challenges
  • Students
  • Folks between jobs
  • Employees of non-profits
Apply for Full or Half Scholarships
Diversity Speaker

Details on Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Program

The Plan

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