Why Sponsor?

Beyond elevating your engineering brand, driving adoption of your product, and networking for the next hire

Huge Reach

500+ attendees, the year’s largest gathering of SF Bay Area Python developers. 15,000+ eyeballs through pre-conference promotions at SF Python and other Bay Area Python meetup mailing lists.

Unparalleled Demographics

95% of attendees are Pythonistas from the SF Bay Area. 50% are mid-level devs and 39% are senior-level. 25% are women.

A Brand You Can Trust

SF Python, the producer of PyBay, has built 150+ popular educational events for Bay Area Python developers over the last 9 years.That's why we’re able to attract some of the best speakers and sponsors, including Microsoft, Google, Yelp, and Bloomberg. Don't miss out on showcasing your company among the best.

Do More Good

How are helping ensure the continuing existence of what you benefit from? Your sponsorship is the primary funding for SF Python, a volunteer-run organization with a mission to enhance the Python community and ecosystem in the SF Bay Area. We’ve done a lot already, we can do even more, and we’re asking for your support to 1) make PyBay great 2) increase the diversity of its attendees and 3) cover payroll for 2 people and help defray our operating expenses so that, together, we can do more good.

Who attended PyBay 2017?

*Data from 450+ registered guests at PyBay 2017

Participant's Skills & Interest

Participant's Background

  • Benefits

    • 5 Minute pre-keynote speaking slot
    • PyBay tickets
    • 6’x30” table to exhibit on
    • 36"x84" Pop-up banner on main stage
    • 100-word desc and logo on pybay.com
    • Mentions in PyBay's tweets
    • Logo on back of PyBay t-shirt
    • Bag insert OR raffle item
    • Additional branding options (Choose one):

  • Diamond
    $ 20,000

    • Yes
    • 8 8
    • Sat, Sun + Expo Sat, Sun + Expo
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Large Large
    • 3 3
    • Bodyworkers @your booth
      FRI Opening Reception
      SAT Job Fair Reception
      Company Lounge
      Bodyworkers @your booth<br>FRI Opening Reception<br>SAT Job Fair Reception<br>Company Lounge
  • Gold
    $ 10,000

    • 5 5
    • Sat + Expo Sat + Expo
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Large Large
    • 2 2
    • Talk Videos
      Talk Videos<br>Coffee<br>Breakfast<br>Lunch<br>Snack
  • Silver
    $ 5,000

    • 3 3
    • Job Fair/Tools Expo Job Fair/Tools Expo
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Medium Medium
    • 1 1

    • <br><br><br><br><br>
  • Bronze
    $ 2,500

    • 1 1
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Small Small
    • 1 1

    • <br><br><br><br><br>
Add Ons: Logo on Lanyard
Open Space Room
Main Talks
Room Naming
Sponsored BOF
PyBay Scholarships
$1,800 - $6,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about Bodyworkers branding option at my booth!

Developers' wellness is important to your Conference Chair because face it, we have to work after this amazing weekend! So, we are providing massage therapists (table or chair TBD) to your booth so you can chat with appreciative Pythonistas while they sign-up and wait for their 20-minute massages. Ready to be swamped with conversations? Select Bodyworkers branding option under Diamond Sponsorship!

What about the Company Lounge Branding option?

For the ultimate branding within PyBay, consider transforming a 55'x12' indoor/outdoor space into "{Your Company's Name} Lounge". This is ideal for companies with multiple initiatives to connect with Python Devs. Use your lounge however you'd like to draw in attendees: host talks, office hours with experts, offer informational interviews, provide entertainment... imagine your own meetups within PyBay, your creativity and budget is your limit!

What's the advantage of being a video sponsor in the Gold level?

Worldwide, increasing presence of your company's brand on some of the best talks in the Python ecosystems on SF Python's YouTube Channel and on PyVideo. Yes, extend your reach beyond the live event. Most PyBay talks have 2-5k views on SF Python's channel alone, quite a few have 20K+ views to date! Plus, you get to enjoy other Gold level benefits: exhibit all day Sat, 5 conf passes ($3K value), company's banner on the main stage and more.

I am interested in supporting diversity, what are my options?

GREAT! Grace, our conference chair is working on a Diversity Sponsorship Program to further encourage diversity and inclusion. Last year, together with SauceLabs, InfoScout, and Galvanize's contributions, we sent 20+ scholars to PyBay, we think we can do even better this year. Please email Grace to help shape this program or to connect us with companies that have a diversity initiative!

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