Why Sponsor?

  • Brand your company among the most innovative, forward-thinking in the Python community. By sponsoring, you're co-creating the funnest Covid-safe in-person developer conferences
  • At-conference reach: 300+ vaccinated in-person Python devs and 100+ online audience from around the world
  • Pre-conference company pitch to 14,000+ Python developers via mailing list for SF Python and related meetups
  • Post-conference exposure via talk videos to 17,000+ worldwide subscribers on YouTube channel
  • Promote your technical challenges and network for your next great hire
  • Drive adoption of your product or technical offerings
  • Support SF Python's mission to enhance the Python community and ecosystem in SF Bay Area

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    Attendees Demographics

    *Data from 564 attendees at PyBay 2019

    Skills and Interests


    Sponsorship Opportunities

    Sponsor packages

    PyBay2022 Food Truck Edition

    Gold Silver Bronze Diversity and Inclusion
    $8,000 $5,000 $2,500 $2500 - $5000
    Logo and company blurb in pre-event emails to 14,000+ devs in mailing lists
    Logo and 100-word blurb on PyBay.com
    Logo and mentions in social media
    Under-represented groups will use your company name to access FREE or discounted PyBay tickets
    At Conference
    Number of in-person PyBay tickets 6 4 2 20% off PyBay Corporate Tickets
    Digital recognition during break Short video 3 slides 1 slide 1 slide for $2,500 | 3 slides for $5,000
    Logo on signage at conference site
    Table to exhibit (NEW!)
    3-minute talk slot at start of conference or during breaks Available for $5,000 D&I Sponsor
    Post Conference
    Logo and URL on talk recordings: 17,000+ subscribers on YouTube Available for $5,000 D&I Sponsor
    Blurb to attendees in PyBay recap email
    Other ways to sponsor


    A la Carte

    Logo on lanyard (1) - SOLD OUT $1,000 Conference Wifi $3,500
    Happy Hour (more sponsors = better reception!) $2,000
    Onsite event logistics during conference (1) At Cost
    Sponsor benefits explained
    Diversity and Inclusion Sponsor Being a Diversity and Inclusion Sponsor is a great way to show the community that you want to increase access to education for people who needed it most. Your entire contribution will go towards discounting PyBay's conference registration. People in the under-represented groups can choose the level of discount they need, including attending for FREE, and they will use discount code "Thank you YOUR COMPANY NAME" when they register for PyBay. When your contribution runs out, we'll show case the next company participating in Diversity and Inclusion Sponsorship.

    In addition, you can choose a level of contribution that fits your budget. We'd recommend selecting somewhere between $2,500 to $5,000 to receive additional recognitions at the conference (see table above). If you have a smaller budget, you can still make an individual or small company contribution using this link and we'll find a way to recognize you accordingly.
    Conference Wifi You'll be recognized during conference opening and throughout the conference as people connect to your wifi network. You'll also receive 20% discount off conference tickets you purchase.
    Event logistics during conference (1) Labor and Material Sponsor's logo will be displayed at registration desk and on the slide deck in between talks specifying their role in providing day of event logistics support.

    This will include: printing and assembling conference badges. Providing 6 resources between 10:00a -1:00p on September 10 to help setup signs, registration tables, validate vaccine records, and register attendees. 3 resources from 1:00p-8:30p to handle late check-in, information booth, merchandise desk, lost and found, respond to code of conduct violation reports, and remove trash/supplies from the conference site when appropriate. The company will also provide hand-sanitizer stations, umbrellas, and other supplies for the registration desk.

    Conference registration is not included in this sponsorship but the sponsor will receive a 20% discount for corporate tickets. Our recommendation is to send 3+ engineers and 3 event staff to help mend the registration / info desks while the engineers attend talks and network at the conference in the afternoon. The event team will meet with Grace, PyBay's chair to finalize details before the event.