Louise Grandjonc

I'm a software developer at citus data (Microsoft). I have been using django for over 5 years and enjoy working on performance using my two favorite things: python and SQL. I have also been involved in the postgres and postgresWomen community. I have talked to django con europe and pycarribean, and love the python community !

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Amazing things your ORM(s) can and can't do

Python & Libraries, Scale & Performance, Beginner
8/17/2019 | 1:30 PM-2:00 PM | Robertson 2


SQL can seem like an obscure but somehow useful language. In this talk we will look into things that SQL can do, sometimes more easily than using python, and how to get it in your ORM, running in your application. During this talk we will use an application analysing the lyrics of my favorite teenage band and show fun examples of these SQL statements, and how to integrate them in your code


This talk has as a goal to go into the SQL language and see what ORMs (django, sql alchemy) support them. At the end of the talk what I would like is: for developers to understand SQL, and how ORM executes SQL better to discover fun SQL things that they might not know, and what can or can't be used with simple ORMs call and if it's not (yet) in the ORM, how can I execute it beautifully

The talk will take an example of analysing song lyrics of an artist, with fun queries on frequency of words over the years, most common patterns etc. There will be a simple django app and I will show how the following can be done, and how it is useful: joins group by aggregations window functions lateral joins ctes grouping sets