Ethan Smith

Ethan is a core developer on the mypy project, a gradual static type checker for Python and a contributor to CPython. He is a passionate open source developer fascinated in programming languages and their design. Ethan is currently writing way more C than he’d like to while working on compatibly speeding up CPython through a pluggable JIT runtime.

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Modern C extensions: Why, How, and the Future

Python & Libraries, Scale & Performance, Advanced
8/18/2018 | 4:40 PM-5:10 PM | House Canary


C extensions are a great way to speed up Python code, but are difficult to manage. Learn how to make your life easier and your Python code faster


Python is a wonderful programming language. However, at times Python programs can be limited by computational speed. C extension modules can provide a means of providing faster computations without re-writing absolutely everything in another language. C extensions are also a great way to interoperate with existing C and C++ libraries. In this talk we will delve into how to make writing C extensions easier and more maintainable, as well as discuss when it is best to use them.