Emily Morehouse-Valcarcel

Emily Morehouse-Valcarcel is the Director of Engineering at Cuttlesoft, a digital product agency focused on creating beautifully designed software. Her passion is driven by a blend of empathy, strategy, curiosity, and human-centered design. She's a Python Core Developer, avid OSS contributor, and constant learner focused on building tools to automate the mundane and shed light on the complexity of the human experience. Emily holds degrees in Computer Science, Criminology, and Theatre from Florida State University.

My Path to Becoming a Python Core Developer

People & Project Management, Beginner
8/18/2019 | 11:20 AM-12:05 PM | Robertson 2


Python Core Developers help shape and build the language we love. But what do core developers actually do, and how do you become one? Hear the story of how I went from an aspiring Core Developer to implementing one of the most controversial changes to the language.


Talk Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Story of how I became a core developer
    • Interest in PL
    • Guido's announcement
    • Churn, not getting anywhere
    • Luck!
    • Success
  • Imposter syndrome
    • Fear of regret has to be greater than the fear of failure
    • You don’t have to be the badass. You can be the person with feelings and doubts
  • What is a Python core developer?
    • Why is contributing code to CPython difficult?
    • Metrics of contributions (not all contributions are code, commits/PR count doesn't matter)
  • Internal vs external motivations (public recognition vs personal drive and passion)
  • Why it's important that I became a core developer
    • There weren't any other core developers who looked like me