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Has Python changed your life?

Are you using Python to do something Cool and Unusual?

Have you turned a multi-month project into a single afternoon’s effort with some nifty Python library?

Have you discovered some obscure language feature that no one else is using, but makes your life easier?

Can you tell your awesome Python story in Five Minutes or less?

If so, please share your story with Python Community!

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Lightning Talks

8/17/2019 | 5:20 PM-6:05 PM | Mya


Lightning talks are 5-minute talk slots with or without slides on something you’re passionate about (no hiring or company pitches, please). Humor preferred, goat photos optional, learning value expected.

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Lightning talks are 5-minute presentations on anything Python related. A short-attention-span show-'n-tell mix of technical, humerous, original, educational, and off-the-wall passion projects by Python users (no hiring or company pitches, please). There will be prizes raffled in-between talks! If you want to share your awesome 5-minute Python hack, story, project, etc., please sign up here.

Questions? email John, our Lightning Talk Chair.