Brian Spiering

Brian Spiering is a faculty member at the University of San Francisco in their Master's program in Data Science (MSDS). He teaches humans the languages of computers (primarily Python) and teaches computers the languages of humans (through Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence). He is active in the San Francisco tech community through volunteering and mentoring.


Python Fundamentals for Data Science

8/16/2019 | 9:15 AM-12:45 PM | Twitter 2


This workshop will help you level-up your general Python skills from a data science perspective. It is designed for people who are already familiar with the basics of Python and interested in their application to data processing.


This workshop is for beginner/intermediate programmers who want to improve their fundamental Python skills, specifically for data processing and statistics. We'll cover the Pythonic way to solve common data problems. For example, cleaning data with list comprehensions or using Python's dictionary, aka dict, to store data. We'll also cover string/text processing.

By the end of the workshop, you should have a better understanding of common data science techniques and how to implement them in Python.

It will be in Python's Standard Library, no external packages will be covered.

It will be hands-on so please bring a charged laptop. No software dependencies are required.