Annie Cook

Annie is a Senior Software Engineer at Nylas, where she works almost exclusively in Python. Outside of work, Annie volunteers with Code Nation and teaches computer science at an all-girls high school. She is passionate about making complicated topics accessible and helping others grow as engineers. Annie loves to hike, knit and bake bread.


Demonstrating the basics of concurrency three ways

Scale & Performance, Beginner
8/18/2019 | 1:45 PM-2:15 PM | Robertson 2


Concurrency is a widely used, and substantially less widely understood buzzword in the engineering world. In this talk, we will enrich our understanding of concurrency by exploring three simple and different implementations of concurrency in Python. Get ready to roll your sleeves up, dive into some code, and walk away with a much deeper understanding about concurrency.


Whats going on under the hood of a concurrent program in Python? The best way to answer that is to dive into the code and see for ourselves what is really going on. In this talk, we will explore three simple and different implementations of concurrency in Python using generators, gevent and greenlets, and asyncio.

This will not be an abstract allegory of concurrency, instead we will be stepping through concrete code examples. Concurrency is complicated enough as it is, so we will explore each implementation slowly and thoroughly to ensure audience mastery of the material. By rolling up your sleeves and approaching the same problem from three different angles, you will see for yourself how this broader idea of concurrency really works.