By popular demand, we're adding a Job Fair for Python developers to network -- and there is no additional cost for companies and PyBay attendees to participate.

The Job Fair is on Monday, August 17, 10:00am to 1:30pm, online.

There are two ways to participate:

1) If you are a company that is hiring

You’ll be talking to motivated candidates who have just spent their weekend learning new skills. Fast track to these prospects via video chat, receive resumes, conduct informational interviews or first-round screening at your table. 

Choose from one of these two options:

Package A: If you are sending 2 developers to PyBay at the regular corporate rate, you’ll receive one recruiter ticket and a table with your company’s name at the Job Fair -- FREE. 

Package B: If you’re sending 4 developers, then you’ll receive 2 recruiter tickets AND additional branding at the Job Fair AND lead capture.

*See the PRO TIPs on hiring at PyBay at the bottom and learn more about additional branding options.

ACT NOW. Space is limited. Register and select the appropriate Job Fair package on

2) If you are job hunting

Your event registration includes access to the Job Fair. Brush up your resume now and be ready to talk about your skills and what you're looking for. To help you shine and stand out above other job seekers, check out one of our Diversity and Inclusion sponsor’s offerings on now. They have been helping people land their dream jobs during the pandemic and will be at the Job Fair to offer you some quick tips.

This is on top of the amazing talks and fireside chats to help you stay ahead of the curve and a stellar HALLWAY Track where you can experience the social interactions and synchronicities of onsite events.

REGISTER NOW for a one-of-a-kind online conference on August 15-17. 


PRO TIPs for hiring companies (from your conference chair who was Head of Tech Recruiting in a previous life):

  1. Maximize your effectiveness by having an engineer or hiring manager at your table to explain your technologies to prospective recruits and do first-round screening. 

  2. Ask prospects to send you their resume via table chat AND save it on your desktop or applicant tracking system before the event is over. 

  3. For Package B: Increase visibility and enjoy automatic lead capture. Prospects can browse your company’s information and job listing(s) before talking to you so your interactions will be richer. You’ll also get contact information for anyone who clicks on your call-to-action link at the Job Fair. And if your opportunity is not right for your visitors, they might know someone who’s a better fit.

  4. Schedule two hours with a hiring manager after the job fair hours to interview candidates you're excited about. Act quickly and decisively before other companies snag the candidate.

Sample Lead Capture for Package B:

Sponsor Example 3
Sponsor example 1