Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is the conference?

At home, on your couch, in front of the beach, where ever you can find good internet!

If it is safe in your area to gather, and you can be responsible for mask wearing / social distancing measures of your fellow Pythonistas, feel free to throw a small PyBay viewing party! We'd recommend having a large TV or projector for the main talks, and other laptops for hallway chats.



Why should I attend when I can watch talk videos on YouTube later?

Recorded talks are great, but with the global call for physical distancing, we think Pythonistas will benefit from a forum to connect, help, and support each other during the pandemic.

With that in mind, we've gone out of the way to fill PyBay2020 with opportunities for you to reconnect with people you haven't talked to for a while. Similar to an in-person conference, there will be hallway tracks for you to bump into people, make new friends, share your knowledge and lessen the isolation blues.

In short, PyBay2020 is unlike most online tech conferences these days. Check it out!



What bandwidth or platform do I need to participate?

You will get the best experience from Chrome on MacOS or Windows and a minimum of 8 Mb/s download speed and 8 Mb/s upload speed to maintain a stable connection. See supported OS/Browser, supported mobile devices, and bandwidth, firewall and network requirements.

If you have other devices, use links above to test your set up, it may still work.



How much is registration?

That's a great question! Even though we don't have to pay for catering and venue, we still have to pay for av, personnel, operations/event management tools - a platform that delivers good user experience isn't cheap. We also have non-refundable expenses to onsite vendors pre-covid to recover.

Having said that, I am talking to sponsors in hopes that their generous contributions will bring the ticket price to FREE or negligible. The more sponsorships we get, the less the registration fee. And it will be FREE for speakers, females, Blacks, Latinos, and LGBTQs. For those that are feeling generous, there will be opportunities to contribute financially. The plan is to donate 80% of profit to a charitable organization chosen by attendees providing that such org promotes gender/racial equality.

Please stay tune for more details on registration!



Do you need help?

YES! I can benefit from folks with the following expertise:

  • Diversity and inclusion outreach
  • Social media and marketing communication
  • Speaker coordination and event emceeing
  • Producing demo videos to onboard attendees, speakers, sponsors, close captioning
  • Slack or forum moderating
  • Please email Grace if you'd like to help!



    What kind of talks are you looking for?

    As with past PyBay's, our audience are technical and favors in-depth talks with actionable takeaways in the following themes:

  • Python Fundamentals & Popular Python Libraries
  • Speed, Scale, and Performance
  • Devops, Automation, and Testing
  • Machine Learning, AI, and Data
  • Web, Internet of Things, and Hardware
  • People and Project Management

  • For 2020, we also want to uplift the global community by highlighting projects that inspire or help us cope during this unprecedented time. As such, we are reserving talk slots for:
  • technologies developed to ease the effects of the pandemic, and
  • projects that aims to ease racial and/or gender inequalities
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    Can I give a talk or lead a discussion?

    25 and 40 mins talk slots are accounted for but you can

  • Give a lightning talk. We've gotten some submissions for lightning talks and will let ticket holders know if we need more.
  • Start a round table discussion on a topic of your choice in our breakout hall. Similar to PyCon's open space sessions, you'll advertise what you want to talk about and when you want to talk about it in our discord channel. One of our volunteers will rename a table for you at our breakout hall for your session.
  • Start a Testing BOF! Similar to PyCon, if you'd like to lead a testing BOF with folks giving lightning talks one after the other, write to get the load down on how to get it done!
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