Frequently Asked Questions

Helping out


Do you need help?

YES! Please apply to join the core organizing team and make your favorite conference even better. We're looking for help in one or more of the following:

  • Conference co-chair
  • Day of volunteer chair
  • Lightning talk chair: market, select and emcee
  • Diversity and inclusion outreach
  • Social media and marketing communication
  • Speaker coordination and event emceeing
  • Slack or forum moderating
  • Book raffles / book signing support
  • Event photography
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    Can I give a talk?

    YES! Please submit your 10-, 25-, and 40-minutes talk proposals by June 29. (It has been extended) We're looking for talks in:

  • ML‚ AI & Data
  • Python & Libraries
  • Scale & Performance
  • Web‚ IoT & Hardware
  • DevOps‚ Testing & Automation
  • People & Project Management

  • Submit talks here



    Will the event be recorded? Where can I find them later?

    Most talks will be recorded. You'll find them on SF Python's YouTube channel a few months later if we have speakers' authorization to post them. With volunteers' help, they maybe cross posted to

    If you're able to donate $25 to join online, you can either view the sessions live or choose to view the recordings later on (which will be available on the "Access Virtual Event" link for a week or so).



    Which in-person ticket type should I buy?

    As much as you can afford to support the community. We’d recommend:

  • Professionals ticket if your company reimburses you or if you’d like to express a token of thanks to your tireless Conference Chair
  • Hobbyists ticket if you need financial aid or are paying out of your own pocket
  • Students ticket if you have a valid student ID at the time of registration

  • If we meet our sponsorships milestones, Financial-aid tickets will be available for under-represented groups and under-employed Pythonistas



    How is PyBay managing safety?

    We'll have dedicated staff to enforce code of conduct. Additionally, for in-person participation:

  • Proof of vaccination (upload at registration)
  • Covid policy agreement (finger signature at registration) and reconfirm at check-in
  • Hand sanitizer stations
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    What does in-person registration include?

    25 Great talks and a chance to interact with Python Creator Guido, Stackoverflow powerhouse Alex Martelli and many other Python developers.

    It also includes food and drink tickets to nearly 20 food trucks in the park. Plus, you can test drive best-in-bread data/ml/ai tools for Python developers, get a bundle of video course from #Real Python, chat with book authors, get books signed, and win a book at raffles. You can even get a FREE CHAIR MASSAGE!

    The park also has miniature golf if you want to ditch the talks and book yourself a tee time.

    Get in-person ticket.



    Is there another way to lower my ticket cost?

    YES. Promoting PyBay will help you lower your ticket cost. Upon completion of registration, you’ll receive a personal friends and family discount code in your email. Every time someone uses your code to register for a ticket*, they'll receive $10 off and you'll get $10 back. The credit will appear in your credit card statement approximately 5 days after the conference.

    *Friends and family discount applies to in-person Professional and Hobbiest tickets only.

    Diversity discount for females and under-represented groups is also available. 50% OFF for in-person and FREE for virtual. Use code "THANK YOU Jetbrains and AKASA".



    Is online only ticket available?

    YES, thanks to our amazing volunteer Dhiraj DJ, online only ticket is available at a steep discount for Pythonistas around the globe.

    Attend live to participate in Q&A and chat with other attendees on slack, receive sponsors' digital perks, win digital books or online courses from Real Python. In the event you can't watch the sessions live, talk recordings will also be available after the sessions for another week.

    Get online ticket.



    Can I bring my kids?

    Yes, the food truck park offers miniature golf right next to where we're hosting the talks. If you want your kids to see what mom or dad do for work - and another adult can be with them while you’re attending talks - consider bringing them along :-)

    Conditions: Kids under 12 don’t require a ticket but everyone entering our event space has to provide proof of vaccination. Please email grace at least 3 days before the conference so we are prepared to accommodate you.



    Is there a volume discount if I’m coming with a few people?

    YES! You can get 15% OFF if taking 4 or more of your team members to PyBay. One person will be paying for the Team's tickets and allocating coupon codes for individuals to self-register. See ticketing page for more info.



    How do I transfer my ticket to someone else?

    Click on ‘transfer my registration’ on the top right of the page, add your friend’s contact info to initiate the transfer. Your refund will appear on your credit card once they’ve registered.



    Where does the registration donation go?

    Your donation covers our cost and a small stipend for Grace, our Conference Chair, who works year-round to keep SF Python and PyBay going. Our cost includes the venue fees, A/V rental, virtual platform, video post-production, marketing, accounting, website hosting, and miscellaneous event staff. It also includes the operating costs for SF Python's year-round meetups and productivity tools for organizers.



    Is there a refund?

    If you purchase a ticket and can no longer attend, click "Transfer my Registration" on the top right of the ticketing page to transfer your ticket to someone else. All you need is their name and email address.

    If we have to postpone the event to October 14 due to Covid or air quality, your credit will be applied toward the next event, or if requested, 70% will be refunded.



    Will there be live captioning?

    Unfortunately, not this year.