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  • Get your brand out to 1500+ passionate Python developers from SF Bay Area and around the world
  • Be part of the solution as the Python communities reinvent the way we gather and collaborate with each other, while increasing racial and gender diversity
  • Interact with attendees, demo your product or technical offerings, offer informational interviews with hiring managers, distribute swag ... the possibilities at your digital booth are endless, at a fraction of the cost

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    Where does the money go?

  • Provide FREE full conference access to Black, Latino, Female, LGBTs and registered students
  • Pay for tools and personnel to produce a better digital PyBay
  • Recover expenses incurred with vendors prior to pivoting to a virtual conference
  • Fund SF Python's payroll (SF Python is the community-run organization that produces PyBay. It has produced year-round meetups since 2008)
  • A #BLM charity chosen by attendees (We'll donate 80% of profit from sponsorship and tickets)
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    *Data from 564 attendees at PyBay 2019

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