Why Sponsor?

LOOK, A VIRTUAL BOOTH to interact with attendees and speakers!

  • Get your brand out to 1500+ passionate Python developers from SF Bay Area and around the world
  • Help Python communities reinvent the way we gather and collaborate with each other on a virtual platform that delivers hallway track to ease social isolation
  • Interact with attendees, demo your product or technical offerings, offer informational interviews with hiring managers, distribute swag, get visitors contact info ... the possibilities at your digital booth are endless, at a fraction of the cost
  • Increase diversity and inclusion in tech by extending the learning and networking at PyBay to Black, Latinos, and female at no cost

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    Sponsor Floor Plan 1

    Counting money

    Where does the money go?

  • Pay for a virtual platform that delivers hallway track at online conference, AV and video post production, marketing, accounting, website hosting, productivity tools, and event personnel to produce a better digital PyBay
  • Recover expenses incurred with vendors for onsite conference prior to shelter-in-place order
  • Fund SF Python's operating expense and payroll (SF Python is the community-run organization that produces PyBay and year-round meetups)
  • Reduce admissions fee for Black, Latino, female, LGBTs and registered students
  • A #BLM charity chosen by attendees (We'll donate 80% of profit from sponsorship and tickets)
  • Attendees Demographics

    *Data from 564 attendees at PyBay 2019

    Skills and Interests


    Sponsorship Opportunities

    A la carte Sponsorship

    Diversity and Inclusion - $5,000*

    Be recognized at Opening Remarks / Keynote for helping 50 Black, Latino, and female attendees to PyBay. Plus, your Logo at our virtual platform has the ability to air promo video, offer swag or link to the landing page, and capture lead automatically.
    *Contributions can be customized to your budget, email us to discuss!

    How your sponsorship works at PyBay 2020

    Since we are delivering an experience that's more social and helps devs beat the isolation blues, we're hosting PyBay on a platform that puts attendees in a virtual space where there are tables, a bar, and even a party boat for socializing.

    People can move around the PyBay virtual space to have video chats with attendees, speakers, and sponsors. They can move from table to table, from the Main Talk Room to the Fireside Chat room and to the Expo Hall. 

    Each table is a video breakout room complete with screen share and white board. You can also invite attendees to your table or booth via chat and change the table names to reflect the conversation you’re having or want to start.

    Main Talk Room
    Sponsor Floor Plan 1

    *Final floor plan may include more booths

    If you're sponsoring

    1) For all levels of sponsorship, we've made it easy for you to message the attendees and collect contact info. Your logo will be prominently displayed at the bar in the main talk rooms. When attendees click on your logo, they will be presented with your custom messaging: a tag line, a video or an image, and a call to action button. See examples below. If people click on your call to action link, you will receive an export of their contact info. To encourage people to interact with you, we've put a message "We're out of beer but click on the sponsor logos for some swag!" at the bar.

    Sponsor example 1
    Sponsor example 2

    *Please provide an URL of your video or a jpeg with 435x300px

    2) For Silver sponsorship and above, your virtual booth will be at the Expo Hall where hallway conversations happen while talks are in session.

    Here is how it works:

  • The Expo Hall is the default hangout space for folks who want to ditch the talks, have extended Q&A with speakers post-talk (~30 minutes), or socialize with friends. There will be no formal presentations here other than those within your booth.

  • You can do live demos, screenshare, whiteboard, and conduct informational interviews with up to 5 visitors at your booth.

  • If you get a big crowd at your booth, you can take over a small table nearby to continue the conversation.

  • You can search the directory of attendees, DM them, and invite them to your booth or book a meeting with them via the conference calendar system.

  • You can post your booth hours and activities to attendees via Discord or whiteboard.

  • You'll have another logo at your exhibit table. When people click on it, they can watch a video and be directed to a landing page of your choice.

  • 3) For Diversity & Inclusion sponsorship, you'll have a logo in the event space but you won't have to staff a booth. You'll let us know how much you can contribute and our MCs will sprinkle announcements of your specific contributions during the conference. For $5K sponsors, we'll recognize you at the opening / keynote for having helped 50 Black, Latino, and female developers attend the conference. You can join the conference chair on stage to say a few words.