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  • 750+ Python devs: 650+ from SF Bay Area and 100+ from around the world, the largest Python Devs gathering in the Bay Area in 2019
  • 18,000+ eyeballs through pre-conference promotions at SF Python and related Python meetups’ mailing lists
  • Brand your company among the most innovative, forward-thinking and diversity-conscious in the Python community
  • Promote your technical challenges, and network for your next great hire
  • Drive adoption of your product or technical offerings
  • Support SF Python's mission to enhance the Python community and ecosystem in SF Bay Area

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    Attendees Demographics

    *Data from 639 attendees at PyBay 2018

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    Sponsor packages

    Recruiting & Exhibition Focus

    Diversity & Inclusion Focus

    Champion Partner Promotor Advocate Friend
    $20,000 $10,000 $5,000 $5,000 $2,500
    Job slot on pybay.com
    Guest blog D&I initiatives on PyBay’s Medium
    Logo in emails to mailing list
    100-word blurb & logo on pybay.com
    Mentions in social media
    At Conference
    PyBay tickets 8 4 2 20% disc 20% disc
    Exhibit days SAT + SUN SAT + SUN SAT SUN
    Booth size >Call to discuss 6 ft table 6 ft table 6 ft table
    Logo on PyBay T-shirt Large Medium Small Small
    Bag insert OR raffle item 3 2 1
    Logo on menu & napkins
    Pop-up banner in keynote room
    Host programs in your booth*
    5 mins pre-keynote talk time
    Post Conference
    Your name on 80+ videos
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    A la Carte

    Logo on lanyard (1) $2,000 Speakers' registration (2) $10,000
    Keynote room naming (1) $2,500 Speakers' lodging & flight (4+) $2,000
    Main talk room naming (2) $2,000 Meet-ups room naming (2) $1,000
    Hacker's lounge room naming (1) $2,000
    Chair drop (1) $2,500
    Conference mobile app (1) $3,500
    Coffee & tea (1) $3,500
    Sponsor benefits explained
    Diversity and Inclusion Sponsors Fund speakers' tickets and provide financial aid for under-represented developers, students, and working professionals
    Speakers' Lodging & Flight (4+) Help our speakers recover their travel cost! We will divide up the total collected and incl your company's name to the correspondence when we reimburse the speakers - before the conference! In addition to lots of tweets and being included in our marketing campaigns, you'd be invited to a special VIP party for speakers, organizers and notable members in the community for some premium networking!
    Conference App (1) Yeap, we are big enough where an in-conference mobile app will improve everyone's experience. Help us pay for Guidebook and brand your company on the app!
    Chair Drop (1) Be the conversation topic as devs wait for the keynote to start! Is it a swag on the seat or a secret prize someone(s) will win? Our volunteers will put your swag or message of your choice on every seat before the first keynote.
    Coffee & Tea (1) Be the life line for devs at a dev conference! Your company's logo will be on all coffee cups!
    Host programs in your booth Want to run your own meetups on both conference days within your extra large booth? Be our highest level sponsor. If you don't have enough staff to give talks, do mock interviews or demo your products.
    Your name on 80+ videos** We’ll thank your company for sponsoring the video recording of all talks numerous times during the conference. All YouTube videos will include a 1-second intro saying "Talk videos through the generosity of (your company)"