Speaking at PyBay2019

The Python language and ecosystem is evolving rapidly. Python’s popularity continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, thanks in no small part to the Python core development team, the open-source community, and their partners in enterprise. New language features and open-source frameworks continue to push the envelope in what can be done with the language. Python projects are being deployed on platforms that were never anticipated - from server-less to mobile to embedded devices. Vibrant new communities centered around Python and Python-built tools are growing worldwide.

Call for talk / workshop proposals is now closed.

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What areas are you seeking talks and workshops?

  • Python Fundamentals & Popular Python Libraries - delight us with core or third party libraries found in the Python ecosystem both popular and lesser known.
  • Speed, Scale, and Performance - inspire the community in ways to supercharge their project with improved speed, scale, and performance.
  • Devops, Automation, and Testing - help fellow pythonistas to automate all the things.
  • Machine Learning, AI, and Data - share the latest: ETL tools, libraries for analysis and visualization, machine learning and AI technologies are all welcome.
  • Web, Internet of Things, and Hardware - captivate the community with knowledge in web frameworks, IoT, and hardware.
  • People and Project Management - share best practices in managing projects and working with people, we’re all human after all.
  • Feel free to browse 2016, 2017, and 2018's talk lists or watch SF Python's talk videos for inspiration.

    Why should I speak at PyBay?

    PyBay is the year's largest gathering of SF Bay Area Python developers! With more than 750 developers attending and a growing YouTube channel with an international audience, speaking at PyBay2019 is your extraordinary opportunity to:

  • Speak alongside Python community luminaries such as Raymond Hettinger, Alex Martelli, and Simon Willison.
  • Showcase your use of Python technologies to elevate your engineering brand or attract and recruit Bay Area engineers.
  • Attract customers for your developer tools or consumer or enterprise product.
  • Promote your open source project, or tell the world about the latest updates.
  • Highlight your professional knowledge and skills.
  • Practice your public speaking.
  • Expand your network!
  • Additionally, your talk may be selected for SF Python's meetups throughout the year. These monthly meetups are attended by 150+ Bay Area Python devs.

    How long should my talk be?

    Talks can be either 25 or 40 minutes long. There will be additional time for Q&A.

    How long should my workshop be?

    Workshops can be either half-day or full-day (two 3.5-hours sessions with a lunch break). See 2018's workshop schedule for inspirations.

    How can I increase my chance of being selected?

    We place a high value on how much the attendees will learn and favor talks that go into details rather than staying at a high level. We also favor talks with a broad appeal vs. a narrow audience.

    For talks about open source projects you've developed, you probably are familiar with what to cover.

    For talks about how Python is used at your company, we prefer those that clearly address or relate to real-world issues and examples. Including source code and having a narrative structure explaining how to reproduce what you’ve done are very much appreciated. If you're proposing a talk on one of the tools you or your business has created, consider talking about how it was built—and perhaps even tell us “war stories” from its creation or initial deployment that people can learn from.

    If you want to do a live demo, please state in your proposal your plans for handling any technology failure.

    Can I get some help in preparing my proposal, and if accepted, my talk?

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us for help:

    • Luis Meraz, PyBay2019 Program Chair
    • Jeff Fischer, BayPiggies Organizer and PyBay2019 Book Publisher Coordinator

    What is the selection process?

    The PyBay organizing committee will collectively review all talk submissions and select those that offer a good variety and depth to the content of the conference.

    The first phase of selection is blind; we'll only consider talk information and not speaker information. In the second phase of selection, we'll consider speaker information if needed. Our goal is to determine the program largely by talk content while still ensuring a diversity of talks and speakers.

    Talk and workshop submissions will close on May12th at 11:59 PST.

    You'll be notified as to whether or not your talk proposal has been submitted via email by early-June. The talks selected will be published on pybay.com shortly thereafter.

    Do you cover speaker's registration and travel expenses?

    Because of the generosity of our sponsor Bloomberg, speakers’ registration is reduced to $175 (half of the cost of a hobbyist). We are super thrilled because in the past, speakers were chipping in as much as attendees were so that collectively, we can raise enough money to have a good conference for all. If you still need help with the speakers’ registration fee, financial aid will cover you. If you still want to pay full price because your company is cool, the money saved will go toward supporting diversity and inclusion scholarships.

    We are looking for more sponsors to help cover speakers’ travel. If successful, the amount raised will go to reimbursing speakers’ travel. Eg. If total receipts from speakers = $10000, total raised = $5,000, PyBay will reimburse 50% of submitted receipts. If total raised = $15,000, PyBay will allocate $5,000 to provide diversity and inclusion scholarships.

    contact us to sponsor speaker travel

    Are there other ways to speak at PyBay?

    YES! Aside from teaching a workshop and/or giving a 25- or 40-minute talk, you can:

  • Contact Grace, our conference chair, to inquire about sponsor's talk slot.
  • Sign-up to deliver 5-mins lightning talks during the main conference days.
  • Sign-up to host 30-60+ mins meetups in July and during the main conference days.
  • What will I need to bring if I am speaking?

    We will have Thunderbolt, USB-C, and HMDI-HDMI cables, but if you have your own cables to convert your laptop’s output to HDMI, that is preferred.