Why attend PyBay2021 Food Truck Edition

Timely and super fun

Experiencing online fatigue and craving a sense of normalcy? Miss geeking out with friends in person over good food and drinks? Need a fun and safe off-site for the development team to boost morale? Longing for synchronicities and thought-expanding exchanges with Python lovers?

YES, the threat of the delta variant dominates the news these days, but online fatigue and social isolation are also hazardous to mental health, and winter is coming! This conference is built with you in mind to give your mental and emotional health a boost.

A format that accelerates learning

PyBay Food Truck Edition is a single-track conference featuring in-depth technical talks and lighting talks with core Python developers and the most influential industry experts -- in person. Enjoy the talks in comfy lounge chairs in cabanas and bungalows equipped with large TV monitors and loudspeakers. There will be plenty of breaks so you can give your brain and bladder a break, get some food and drinks, or reinforce learning by digging deeper with your peers.

If we sell 200 in-person tickets by Sept 22, we'll have the bandwidth to work on the logistics for an online option.

Safety first

Even though this year's PyBay is OUTDOORS, we'll require proof of vaccination and mask wearing regardless of vaccination status. The added ask is in consideration for those with young kids and elderly at home. We also plan to cap our in-person attendees to 250 even though the venue can support 400. There will be plenty of hand sanitizers and space to spread out for those that prefer a bit more social distancing.

Btw - According to our pre-conference survey, 97.5% are fully vaccinated and 89% are cool with wearing masks.

Some of our speakers

Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy

A Python and MongoDB enthusiast. An entrepreneur. Host of @TalkPython and @PythonBytes, founder of Talk Python Training. Python Software Foundation Fellow.

Yury Selivanov
Yury Selivanov

Founder of EdgeDB. Core Python developer on async/await and contextvars. Maintainer of asyncio. Created uvloop & asyncpg.

Andrew Knight
Andrew Knight

Author of the popular tech blog AutomationPanda.com. Authority in building robust test automation solutions from the ground up.

Xiaowei Jiang
Xiaowei Jiang

Machine learning engineer at Anyscale. Previously, software engineer at Google and Uber.

Moshe Zadka
Moshe Zadka

Contributor to CPython. Founding member of the Python Software Foundation. Founding member of the Twisted project. Frequent speaker at Python conferences around the world.

Madelaine Boyd
Madelaine Boyd

Bit.io's founding engineer who won a rap battle by rhyming with vim, among other things

Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan

A recovering academic and a core dev of the mypy type checker and mypyc compiler. Works at EdgeDB on the compiler for their next-generation query language.

Robert Jackiewicz
Robert Jackiewicz

Staff engineer at Carta. Enjoys teaching domain driven design, distributed data patterns, software architecture, and event systems/Kafka.

Ryan Morshead
Ryan Morshead

Software engineer working at the intersection of engineering and science. Contributor for Jupyter, IPython. Creator of IDOM.

Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones

Artist turned engineer-geek. Photographer. Filmmaker. NGINX evangelist. Blockchain ninja.

Austin Bennett
Austin Bennett

Software Engineer, Google Developer Expert, Apache Beam Committer

Owen Kephart
Owen Kephart

Software Engineer at Elementl. Previously worked as an infrastructure engineer on Yelp's data platform.

L Acosta
L Acosta

Unlike any software engineer you've ever met! Brings a unique perspective to software from her past professions as a copywriter, social media manager, and odd job freelancer.

Abhishek Sreenivasa
Abhishek Sreenivasa

Building web applications and services for over a decade. Works at WorkWhileJobs.com as a software engineer.

Oras Phongpanangam
Oras Phongpanangam

A passionate programmer who tries to do math, geometry, and machine learning all at once.

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Ticket Information

Leverage PyBay to reconnect with friends and co-workers. They'll get $10 OFF with your friend's code and you'll get $10 back.

Since this conference is designed so you have an excuse to leave the monitor(s) and reconnect with your friends and co-workers in person before the winter is here, you’ll get a personalized Friends and Family discount code at check out to share with your network.

Get your ticket now

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of human connections, who should you reconnect with? Reach out and invite them to sample San Francisco's food truck scene and listen to some in-depth technical talks on Python. Create some shared experiences and get a sense of normalcy before winter is here.

They will receive $10 off their ticket and you’ll earn $10 every time your code is redeemed. If you want to share it via social media, oh well, go for it. :) You’ll receive your credit 5 days after the conference, up to the amount you paid.

Parklabs Garden 1

Ticket prices

Professional*: $220

Hobbyist: $130

Financial Aid: $78

Student: $50

ALL regular bird tickets include food and drink tickets, late bird DO NOT

Additionally, use code: thank you sponsors to get 40% OFF Female, African American, Latinx, Native American, LGBTQ tickets

Online only: $25 or FREE if you're Female, African American, Latinx, Native American, LGBTQ

* Buy this ticket type if you will get reimbursed by your company or if you want to express a token of appreciation to the event organizer.

Your ticket donation also provides valuable financial resources to help guide decisions that will make this conference even better. For example, if we know we can cover our costs, we can consider a hybrid option for remote attendees, better A/V, food and drink tickets, and financial aid. So please select the highest donation amount you are able to contribute.

Get your ticket now

If you purchase a ticket and can no longer attend, click "Transfer my Registration" on the top right of the ticketing page to transfer your ticket to someone else. All you need is their name and email address.

If we have to postpone to late March / early April due to Covid or air quality, your credit will be applied toward the next event, or if requested, 70% will be refunded.

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Sponsor Information

Covid seems to be here to stay. With your help, we can forge a better path forward! The response from our pre-conference survey is overwhelmingly positive. Developers clearly want the opportunity to learn and reconnect with other developers in person. 97% are fully vaccinated and 89% are willing to wear a mask at this outdoor event to keep everyone safe. Another two things are clear: We need high-quality A/V equipment suitable for an outdoor event, and we want the ticket prices to be reasonable.

That’s where we need you. Sponsoring PyBay Food Truck Edition is your opportunity to be a hero to the Python community and differentiate your company as one that’s innovative, ready to take action, and truly cares about the community. Plus, you get to showcase your technology, network for new hires, and participate in reinventing a new and better normal.

Since Covid-19 has taught us how to think out of the box, we also are looking for sponsors interested in contributing to the labor and materials for PyBay Food Truck Edition. Email us to inquire how you can make this conference a day to remember by helping with day-of Covid-19 policy enforcement, check-in/event logistics, and/or providing branded phone or laptop charging stations.

Download prospectus Pay for sponsorship via credit card Got questions? Email us.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is the conference? Is it available online also?

Saturday October 9, 2021, from11:30am to 9:00pm, at Parklabs Garden, San Francisco’s coolest food truck park at 1379 4th Street. Click on the link for parking and other venue information

If we sell 200 in-person tickets by Sept 22, we'll have the bandwidth to offer the conference online. Talks will start ~12:30pm

Which ticket type should I buy?

As much as you can afford to support the community. We don’t have the bandwidth to run scholarships/financial aid this year and have kept the ticket prices as low as possible to meet different people’s needs. We’d recommend:

  • Professionals ticket if your company reimburses you or if you’d like to express a token of thanks to your tireless Conference Chair
  • Hobbyists ticket if you need financial aid or are paying out of your own pocket
  • Students ticket if you need even more financial aid and can upload student ID at the time of registration
  • Online only ticket if you’d like to participate remotely (available upon reaching 200 in-person ticket by Sept 22)
  • How is PyBay managing safety for those attending in-person?

  • Proof of vaccination (upload at registration) or a negative PCR result taken within 3 days of conference at check-in
  • Covid policy agreement (finger signature at registration) and reconfirm at check-in
  • Mask required when not dining or delivering a scheduled talk
  • Security personnel to enforce Covid and code of conduct policy and keep our event space contained from the general public
  • Hand sanitizer stations
  • When are online only tickets available?

    If and after 200 in-person tickets have been sold by Sept 22.


    Since 79% surveyed wanted a Covid-safe, outdoor, in-person conference at the food truck park, and only 8% wanted online-only options this year, our resources and attention are on solving the logistical challenges of the outdoor format.

    If and after 200 in-person tickets are sold by Sept 22, we can devote bandwidth to work on the logistics of an online-only experience.

    Venue Information

    Parklab Gardens

    1379 4th Street | San Francisco, CA 94158

    Reaching by Car: Park at Lot C a block away on 3rd Street at $18 for the day.

    Reaching by Public Transport:Take muni line T to the Mission Bay stop or take muni line N or Caltrain to 4th and King. Venue is just a short 10-minute walk from there.

    Reaching by Bicycle: There are about 12 bicycle parking at the front entrance.

    We hope you'll use PyBay as an opportunity to connect with people and decrease the social distancing we're experiencing globally