Why Attend Virtual PyBay

Stay on the cutting edge

Boost your skills and keep abreast with the latest developments in Python via in-depth talks from the most influential industry practitioners and core Python developers. Whether you’re interested in web technologies, data, devops, Python internals, or performance, or whether you're a beginner or seasoned developer, join us to stay on top of your game.

Celebrate Covid-19 heroes

We can't thank the front-line healthcare and essential workers enough, but let's not forget the back-end heroes who have leveraged Python to build tools and technologies that help us stay safe and manage the pandemic. Get inspired, learn from, and celebrate your peers who have met the challenge and made lemonade out of lemons.

Connect via Hallway Track

Human connection is more important than ever. That's why we are hosting a virtual conference that features video chat rooms for attendees to interact with speakers and sponsors, start your special interest group, play music or take a yoga class to decompress. We're in this together. Let's make the world closer via our virtual "hallway track"!

Some of our speakers

Raymond Hettinger
Raymond Hettinger

Python Trainer. CPython contributor. Instrumental in modules such as bisect, collections, decimal, functools, and itertools.

Siddha Ganju
Siddha Ganju

AI researcher and Self-Driving Architect at Nvidia. Advisor to NASA and led to discovery of a comet. Frequent speaker at conferences and one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in Manufacturing & Industry 2019.

Mahmoud Hashemi
Mahmoud Hashemi

Principal Engineer at Simple Legal. Open-source library maintainer. Co-organizer of the Pyninsula Python meetup group. Author of O'Reilly's Enterprise Software with Python.

Rachel Thomas
Rachel Thomas

Selected by Forbes as one of “20 Incredible Women Advancing AI Research.” Co-founder of fast.ai. Researcher-in-residence at USF Data Institute

Liran Haimovitch
Liran Haimovitch

Co-Founder and CTO of Rookout. An advocate of modern software methodologies like agile, lean and devops.

Lynn Root
Lynn Root

Staff Engineer at Spotify. A global leader of PyLadies and former Vice Chair of the Python Software Foundation Board of Directors.

Moshe Zadka
Moshe Zadka

Software Engineer at Survey Monkey. A Twisted contributor, a frequent speaker at Python conferences around the world, and organizer of Pyninsula meetup group.

Robert Nishihara
Robert Nishihara

One of the creators of the Ray, a distributed system for scaling Python applications to clusters. Also a cofounder and CEO of Anyscale. Frequent speaker at O’Reilly conferences and SciPy.

Mady Mantha
Mady Mantha

A machine learning architect and AI platform leader focused on conversational AI, natural language processing, and deep learning, Mady is Unbundling GPT-3 for us at PyBay

 Łukasz Langa
Łukasz Langa

Python core developer, original creator of Black and Python 3.8 Release Manager, Lukasz is also working on bringing EdgeDB's state-of-the-art database technology to the masses.

Alex Martelli
Alex Martelli

Software Engineer at Google. Author of "Python in a Nutshell", Python Cookbook and Python Software Foundation Fellow

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PyBay2020...online this year...reinvented to help strengthen our community

Main Talk Room

With the special year this is, we want to make PyBay2020 the most fun and memorable conference to everyone around the globe where you'll learn a lot, share a lot, and help each other beat the isolation blues!

With your ticket, you'll enter a virtual conference environment complete with a bar and a party boat so you can take a break and stretch between the amazing talks and fireside chats ;-)

That's right, the hallway track you love at conferences is back!

Make new friends or make it a reunion with your colleagues, classmates, and folks you've met at meetups. DM within the platform to invite folks to your table for a video chat. Or, take it up a notch, ditch the talks, and head to the Party Boat -- the Royal Coding Cruiser ;-) -- to catch up!

When you feel like it, catch another talk or fireside chat. If your questions to the speakers didn't get voted up by others, you can catch them afterwards at the Expo Hall for extended Q&A in a small group setting. While there, get some swag from sponsors, check out their live demos, or talk to them about job opportunities. Even if you're not looking for jobs now, your friends might be.

Want to have an un-conference, give a talk, lead a discussion, or sprint on a project together? Announce it on Slack and head to the Hallway Chat / Open Space room, where the tables let you screen share and even whiteboard.

As if that's not enough, we've just added a job fair and some workshops on Monday for those that have a bit more time on hand during the week to continue to network and upgrade their skills.

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Want a virtual booth to promote your software tools or Python openings to developers around the world?

Sponsor Floor Plan 1

Offer swag and promo video behind your logo. Interact with attendees, conduct tech demos, informational interviews at your booth. Hold sponsored talk or workshop. Lead retrieval. They're all possible at PyBay2020.

Diversity & Inclusion sponsorships are also available to help Black, Latino, and female developers.

BECOME A SPONSOR Got questions? Email us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend when I can watch talk videos on YouTube later?

Recorded talks are great, but with the global call for physical distancing, we think Pythonistas will benefit from a forum to connect, help, and support each other during the pandemic.

With that in mind, we've gone out of the way to fill PyBay2020 with opportunities for you to reconnect with people you haven't talked to for a while. Similar to an in-person conference, there will be hallway tracks for you to bump into people, make new friends, share your knowledge and lessen the isolation blues.

In short, PyBay2020 is unlike most online tech conferences these days. Check it out!

Can I give a talk or lead a discussion?

25 and 40 mins talk slots are accounted for but you can

  • Give a lightning talk. We've gotten some submissions for lightning talks and will let ticket holders know if we need more.
  • Start a round table discussion on a topic of your choice in our breakout hall. Similar to PyCon's open space sessions, you'll advertise what you want to talk about and when you want to talk about it in our discord channel. One of our volunteers will rename a table for you at our breakout hall for your session.
  • Start a Testing BOF! Similar to PyCon, if you'd like to lead a testing BOF with folks giving lightning talks one after the other, write grace@pybay.com to get the load down on how to get it done!
  • What bandwidth or platform do I need to participate?

    You will get the best experience from Chrome on MacOS or Windows and a minimum of 8 Mb/s download speed and 8 Mb/s upload speed to maintain a stable connection. See supported OS/Browser, supported mobile devices, and bandwidth, firewall and network requirements.

    If you have other devices, use links above to test your set up, it may still work.

    Do you need help?

    YES! I can benefit from folks with the following expertise:

  • Diversity and inclusion outreach
  • Social media and marketing communication
  • Speaker coordination and event emceeing
  • Producing demo videos to onboard attendees, speakers, sponsors, close captioning
  • Slack or forum moderating
  • Please email Grace if you'd like to help!

    Make a donation for your ticket now

    We hope you'll use PyBay as an opportunity to connect with people and decrease the social distance we're experiencing globally. To help you get started, when you register, you'll get a referral code for your friends to save $5, and for every person who redeems your code, you'll make $5. If you refer enough people, you could end up paying nothing.*

    And if you’re Black, Latino or female, your ticket is on us!

    *The maximum referral credit is the value of your ticket and the referral discount doesn’t apply to student tickets.