Why attend PyBay2022 Food Truck Edition

It's outdoors and super fun

Miss geeking out with friends in person over good food and drinks? Longing for synchronicities and thought-expanding exchanges with Pythonistas? Past Food Truck Edition attendees say:
"It was the best day of the year for me" ~ Yury Selivanov, Founder of EdgeDB. Core dev on async/await.
"There are so many things to like - the talks, the food trucks, it being outdoors, a smaller conference so you get to talk to people." ~ Michael Kennedy @TalkPython

Learn the latest, advance your career

PyBay features the most influential speakers presenting the most crucial technologies to help beginners and seasoned developers alike get up-to-date quickly, in a single-track format. Whether you’re interested in web technologies, data, devops, Python internals, or performance, PyBay will help you stay on top of your game AND network with engineers at companies that are hiring!

Perfect off-site for dev teams

Working remotely and want to meet your teammates to boost team cohesiveness? Leverage the platform we’ve built. There are great talks, yummy food, fresh air, vitamin D... all the elements developers crave for these days. If there are talks that don’t interest your team, take the opportunity to talk to speakers, create your own team activities or book a tee-time at the adjacent miniature golf course!

Some of our speakers

Simon Willison
Simon Willison

Creator of Datasette. Co-creator of Django. Author of the popular blog: https://simonwillison.net/

Siddha Ganju
Siddha Ganju

Self-Driving Architect at Nvidia. Advisor to NASA. Author of O’reilly's Practical Deep Learning for Cloud, Mobile, and Edge.

Robert Nishihara
Robert Nishihara

One of the creators of Ray. Co-founder and CEO of Anyscale, developer's choice to develop, deploy, and manage scalable AI and Python applications.

Brian Okken
Brian Okken

Host of "Python Bytes" and "Test & Code" podcasts. Author of "Python Testing with pytest". Software Engineer.

Yury Selivanov
Yury Selivanov

Founder of EdgeDB. Core Python developer on async/await and contextvars. Maintainer of asyncio. Created uvloop & asyncpg.

Wesley Chun
Wesley Chun

Author of "Core Python", co-author of "Python Web Development with Django", Engineer & Developer Advocate at Google.

Katherine Scott
Katherine Scott

Dev advocate stewarding ROS development at Open Robotics. Formerly co-founder of SightMachine & Tempo Automation.

Glyph Lefkowitz
Glyph Lefkowitz

Founder of Twisted, Glyph has worked on multiplayer online games, enterprise information management software, and more!

Katerina Hanson
Katerina Hanson

Engineer manager at Kojo and CTO at Wanderher

Joel Dodson
Joel Dodson

With 25 years of experience in telecom, Joel lost his sight in 2017 and was thrust into the world of accessibility!

Nishat Khan
Nishat Khan

Data Engineer & System Architect at LeanTaaS, Nishat works at the intersection of data science & software engineering!

Andrew Knight
Andrew Knight

Known as “Pandy,” he is Automation Panda. A software testing & automation champion he loves to help build better quality software!

Moshe Zadka
Moshe Zadka

Contributor to CPython, founding member of the Python Software Foundation and the Twisted project!

Sanjay Siddhanti
Sanjay Siddhanti

Director of Engineering at AKASA, Sanjay loves building software that helps patients have a better experience with healthcare!

Zac Hatfield-Dodds
Zac Hatfield-Dodds

PSF Fellow and maintainer of Hypothesis and Pytest; Zac moved to SF as a member of technical staff at Anthropic!

Bing Zhang
Bing Zhang

Research Data Scientist at IBM, her research interests include development of ML methods, AI analytics, & Stochastic Optimization.

Alleanna Clark
Alleanna Clark

Data scientist & community building professional at Deepnote, Alleanna is passionate about lowering the barrier to entry to data science.

Dave Klein
Dave Klein

Dave has 28 years of experience as a developer, architect, project manager, author, trainer, conference organizer, and homeschooling dad!

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Ticket Information

Conference Ticket Prices

In-Person Professional*: $240

In-Person Hobbyist**: $140

In-Person Student (25 tickets only): $50

* Buy this ticket type if you will get reimbursed by your company or if you want to express a token of appreciation to the event organizer.

** Buy this ticket type if you are paying out of pocket or in-between jobs.

*** NEW --> 50% OFF for female, African American, Latinos, Native Americans and LGBTQ. Hurry, we only have 24 of these tickets. Please use code: THANK YOU Jetbrains and AKASA at checkout.

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Online only ticket: $25***

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Sponsor Information

Sponsoring PyBay Food Truck Edition is your opportunity to participate in the largest, most loved regional Python conference in the west coast. Be a hero to the development community by providing the funding to run a safe and memorable outdoor conference. Plus, you get to showcase your technology, network for new hires, and participate in reinventing a new and better normal.

Want to get your company's name on the lanyards, have other sponsorship ideas, or want to sponsor diversity and inclusion tickets for female, African American, Latinos, Native Americans? Email us

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which in-person ticket type should I buy?

As much as you can afford to support the community. We’d recommend:

  • Professionals ticket if your company reimburses you or if you’d like to express a token of thanks to your tireless Conference Chair
  • Hobbyists ticket if you need financial aid or are paying out of your own pocket
  • Students ticket if you have a valid student ID at the time of registration

  • If we meet our sponsorships milestones, Financial-aid tickets will be available for under-represented groups and under-employed Pythonistas

    What does in-person registration include?

    25 Great talks and a chance to interact with Python Creator Guido, Stackoverflow powerhouse Alex Martelli and many other Python developers.

    It also includes food and drink tickets to nearly 20 food trucks in the park. Plus, you can test drive best-in-bread data/ml/ai tools for Python developers, get a bundle of video course from #Real Python, chat with book authors, get books signed, and win a book at raffles. You can even get a FREE CHAIR MASSAGE!

    The park also has miniature golf if you want to ditch the talks and book yourself a tee time.

    Get in-person ticket.

    Is there another way to lower my ticket cost?

    YES. Promoting PyBay will help you lower your ticket cost. Upon completion of registration, you’ll receive a personal friends and family discount code in your email. Every time someone uses your code to register for a ticket*, they'll receive $10 off and you'll get $10 back. The credit will appear in your credit card statement approximately 5 days after the conference.

    *Friends and family discount applies to in-person Professional and Hobbiest tickets only.

    Diversity discount for females and under-represented groups is also available. 50% OFF for in-person and FREE for virtual. Use code "THANK YOU Jetbrains and AKASA".

    Is online only ticket available?

    YES, thanks to our amazing volunteer Dhiraj DJ, online only ticket is available at a steep discount for Pythonistas around the globe.

    Attend live to participate in Q&A and chat with other attendees on slack, receive sponsors' digital perks, win digital books or online courses from Real Python. In the event you can't watch the sessions live, talk recordings will also be available after the sessions for another week.

    Get online ticket.

    Venue Information

    It's outdoors -- at a food truck park!

    Parklab Gardens, 1379 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94158

    • Parklab Gardens is an outdoor establishment with WIFI powered by Cisco. We love it because it has a great vibe and it is more Covid safe.
    • It houses 20 food trucks, from burgers to vegan delights, beer to coffee and ice-cream, some will even allow you to order ahead with your phone.
    • It also has miniature golf right next to where we're hosting the talks. If you want your kids to see what mom or dad do for work - and another adult can be with them while you’re attending talks - consider bringing them along :-) Conditions: Kids under 12 don’t require a ticket but everyone entering our event space has to provide proof of vaccination.

    • Directions to 1379 4th St, SF

    Parklab Gardens
    Bike parking

    Getting there

    • Park at uncovered parking a block away on 3rd street at $18 per day
    • Go on slack and see if others would like to carpool with you
    Public transportation and walking about 10 mins:
    • Caltrain to 4th and King stop
    • BART to muni line T to the Mission Bay stop
    • Muni line N Mission Rock stop